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In this digital age, existing fitness equipment fails to capture a customer’s attention and is unable to accommodate different lifestyles and training requirements.   


Bownce offers versatile easy installation and customization. Our smartphone app evaluates data, shows individual training progress, and gives tips for optimization. Challenges within the bownce community are available at any time and any place.


Bownce is relevant for all age groups, from amateurs to professional athletes at every level, across all sports and in every country. Bownce is a simple, but highly effective and cross-generational sports device that combines health, flexibility, fun and community.


Deeply embedded in our vision, is the aspiration to bring about positive social change by promoting sports and allowing users to become part of a larger movement.


As the first IoT device of its kind, bownce is connected to blockchain and allows users to gain digital assets by competing succesfully against one another.

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Social Impact

Deeply embedded in our vision, is the aspiration to bring about positive social change by promoting sports and allowing users to become part of a larger movement.

Investment Opportunities

Bownce is designed to generate sustainable, profitable growth through a multitude of cash-flow generating services.

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How can I contact you?

You can reach us via e-mail at investor-relations@bownce.com or via telephone at +356 62778 2030

From which countries can I invest?

You can support us from all countries over world except for residents of the United States of America, Canada, Japan

How can I manage my shares?

At this stage, the shares will be issued as physical certificates. We are currently in the process of tokenizing the shares and plan to launch these via an STO (Security token offering) at a later stage. Once the shares are available in tokenized form we are happy to convert them for you upon your request.


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